Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hydration system

Here you can see the technological marvel of my hydration system. A two gallon water jug. I removed the spout from the bottom, and found that if I sanded a piece of 1/2 inch CPVC water pipe down a little, it would fit in where the spout used to be. I glued a piece of pipe in, then put a 90 degree bend going up into a CPVC ball valve. The pipe continues up into a drop eared 90 that is screwed unto the water jug to help support the pipe. An adapter and pipe union finish it out. The hose end is a bite valve, with a short piece of hose, attached to a hose barb, which is screwed into the union. The nice thing about this system as opposed to simply sticking a hose into the water jug and taping it in place is that I can leave the bite valve attached to my PFD while canoeing, yet when I want to leave the canoe, a simple twist and the union pops free, and I am out and the water jug stays in. I am going to make two of these systems for racing, so one can be filled while I drain the other.

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